About Us

We specialise in helping you to deliver high-quality, connected, vibrant and dynamic places. Our focus is on improving urban areas so that they are the first choice for people to live, work visit and enjoy.

The team have got decades of practical experience in city planning, urban design and transport. We are also highly skilled in strategy development, stakeholder engagement and public affairs. We have worked in both the public and private sectors across the country and overseas – on major city centre projects, local centre regeneration, active travel infrastructure and railway station development.

Plan4Place are committed to devising sustainable solutions with an emphasis on creating places that are attractive, people-focussed, have a sound economic base and minimise environmental impact. We believe passionately that we have a duty of care for future generations and work hard to reduce the impact of development and maximise opportunities to create welcoming spaces that are resilient to climate change.

Core Values

Plan4Place was established with three clear guiding principles:

Sustainability We will do all that we can in our day-to-day work to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our Government’s commitment to deliver Net Zero Carbon by 2050. 

All our design work is geared around creating places that will be fully accessible by people on foot and bicycle or, electric public transport (trains/trams/buses) with minimal use of private motor vehicles. 

Our advice will always emphasis the critical importance of greenery in the urban environment, to increase biodiversity, tackle noise and air pollution and help mitigate the impacts of more extreme weather (including increased rainfall and more severe heatwaves).

Personal Our company structure has been carefully considered such that you will always receive the most appropriate attention from a named and dedicated individual. 

Committed We will always work hard on your behalf, giving your project the time and energy it deserves.

Partnering consultants

the art of engagement and communication ltd


We are proud to partner with the art of engagement and communication, following on from a close working relationship spanning over seven years. The art of engagement and communication is an innovative consultancy specialising in offering practical and commercially aware solutions for engaging local communities and politicians in a range of infrastructure and development proposals, as well as providing strategies to better connect with people, communities, businesses and organisations who are marginalise

Based in Manchester, they offer a useful focus for projects across the North of England.

Our partnership brings together a wealth of shared experience and knowledge which directly benefits our clients.

Partnering consultants

Dave Johnson Consulting   

Our managing director Pete first worked with Dave on local economic development projects in Southampton during the late-1990’s and early noughties. Dave is a Chartered Town Planner with extensive experience of regeneration and historic building works. He has worked as an adviser for Historic England and lectured at the University of the West of England.

Based in Bristol, Dave is well placed to work closely with clients across the South-West and South Wales.

This partnership provides dedicated, specialist expertise focussed on regeneration, historic buildings and development in Conservation Areas.

Our Team

Pete Brunskill, Managing Director

Pete is a Chartered Town Planner and qualified Urban Designer with thirty years of experience in delivering public realm projects, active travel and public transport infrastructure, site and citywide development plans and focussed engagement with local communities. He is also highly skilled in event management and well versed in public affairs that support these activities.

He has worked for local authorities in the North West, South Coast and West Midlands in a wide range of Planning, Urban Design and Transport positions, including at middle-management level. In more recent times he has held key positions at Rail North Limited, the West Midlands Rail Executive and with First Group. Pete has also assisted other consultancies on wayfinding, strategy development and funding bids. He spent some time working in the Pacific North-West during the late 1990’s and has lived in California and Melbourne.

Prior to setting up Plan4Place, Pete led on the design, development and funding of new railway stations at Warrington West and the University of Birmingham as well as being part of the design team for the Curzon Street HS2 railway station. Pete is currently working for a number of clients (including Business Improvement Districts) on placemaking and public realm projects, local transport initiatives and development planning.

Pete is passionate about improving urban environments and gets around by walking, cycling and public transport. He has been vegetarian since an early age. 

At present we are not taking on any new clients as Pete is undertaking an 18 month contract working with Oxford City Council. However, if you want to touch base with him, click the link below.

Warren Jukes, Director - Associated Architects

“Pete has a strong passion for design quality supporting designers through the key embryonic stages of concept proposals on major infrastructure projects. He understands the importance of seeing big ideas through to realisation. He can interpret design information on a macro and micro scale and is able to comment from an informed viewpoint to shape proposals in a collaborative way with the team. He has shown and continues to show an understanding of wider project issues that influence project success, having particular strengths in stakeholder consultation. Pete is able to interpret a range of conflicting views and plot a way forward to ensure timely project delivery.”

Gerald Manton, Development Director - Westside BID Board

“We employed Pete to develop the public realm vision master plan for Westside BID in Birmingham. Pete’s passion for placemaking is evident in his work. Pete is professional and has an industrious attitude to work at all times. I was particularly impressed with his in depth knowledge of sustainable public realm, carefully incorporating public transport and active travel and I certainly learned a lot during our working together. Based on this positive outcome, we have re-engaged Pete to advise us on development planning, urban design and transport issues covering streetscene auditing / de-cluttering, strategy development and reducing the impact of private motor vehicles.”

Kate Smart, BID Manager - Harborne Village BID

“Pete has been working with me as a consultant to look at the immediate and long term changes needed to improve Harborne Village. Working with Pete has been a real eye opener. I have learned a huge amount through his knowledge and experience and am now able to see a different way of designing our Business Improvement District to help support changing consumer behaviours and the need to be more environmentally responsible. Pete’s passion and professional experience is impressive and his knowledge of urban development is proving to be very helpful indeed. With his support and drive I feel confident that we’ll make the changes needed to move Harborne Village forward.”

Plan4Place Limited

We specialise in helping you to deliver high-quality, connected, vibrant and dynamic places. Our focus is on improving urban areas so that they are the first choice for people to live, work visit and enjoy. 

Company Information

A company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales. Company registration number 12797124.